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Obsessed With The Mess That’s America

All these stocks selling off are taking the wind right out from under my wings. Financial markets and military power are the last standing pillars of USA superiority. To see our market succumb to the duress in Europe ahead of the weekend is a universal crime.

When the week started in pure calamity buyers were there. I was all puffed chest like a big dumb bird because I thought this country would never see their markets destruct on the eve of great national celebration. But we’re not China. Our central planners don’t pace through golden hallways and concoct patriotic schemes. Instead they sit idle, allowing the invisible hand to work. Which is cool, it’s cool, but the invisible hand is not doing a very good job finding buyers.

So we’re adrift lower. I bought into Friday’s weakness, and Monday’s. I bought into yesterday’s strength. I still have more cash but it looks like it will be earmarked for next week.

There’s no urgency to buy this market. Headline risk is high and liquidity is low. With the equities looking sick, it only makes sense we start a war. At the very least, we should ratchet up our drone delivery of 500 pound CORRECTIONS 10 fold. If we can’t work our markets higher in celebration of our Independence, we must blast the ideologies of ISIS into cosmic vapor. Best damn firework display in the world.

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  1. BlueStar: Contrarian Investor
    BlueStar: Contrarian Investor

    False flag alert is high this weekend.

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  2. UncleBuccs

    I’m diverting an updraft of warm Sonoran desert winds your direction to buoy those weary eagled wings. https://youtu.be/WtALpfJO0UY

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