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Everybody wants winning trades, but nobody wants to do the heavy research and training. Because you don’t want to screw up and look like a dude. The last thing you want to do is approach the king of all finance sites, looking like a fucking present.

This is where I come in. I am going to step inside your ring and fuck you up with knowledge. First step is whipping you dick out and asking the world if it wants to suck it—in other words, log into Exodus and see if the market is oversold.

PRO TIP – always check with Exodus before making a trade. Trading alone is like trying to pick up ladies sober. You do not have the confidence for this. You’re not going to pull any tail, and you’re not going to pull any wins. The only thing you’re going to pull is the rip cord, and go home.

These three scoops of preworkout are kicking in. I’m off to GNC to buy some MOAR preworkout then to smash heavy weights through the floor.

Shoot an email to [email protected] if you want a 3 day trial of Exodus.

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  1. Mav

    reps for jesus.

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  2. lesurgeon

    Lol. You and flys, hell everyone at I bank-coin, writing and market knowledge is so fucking legit.
    Enjoy the weekend.

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