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After an impressive showing both up and down we’re back where we started when they rang the opening bell. ‘Bring Forth The Siesta’ was written when visions of this mediocrity flowed through my mind. We knew today would essentially be a wash—and a dangerous one at that.

Third reaction analysis, my go to distraction during important economic announcements, yielded a buy signal and buy they did, up onto the point where they found highly motivated sellers.

Yesterday’s picks fared well today likely because they’re fueled with thick data sets and positioned to deliver career-ending blows to the opposition, ala Option Addict’s deliverance of MOMO shorts today (hat tip).

The standoff continues as far as I can see, but I could not resist putting on a lotto long after 3rd reaction. I’d tell you what it is, but it’s either too late to take action or wrong.

All we need to do is sort out these trannies and the market can rally.

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  1. Steveorino

    I thought sorting out tannins was The Fly’s purview?

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  2. Steveorino

    Trannies, not tannis. Fing autocorrect…

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