I turn dials and fiddle with knobs to hone in on harmonic rotations
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Big Report This Week

Try as I might to compress everything that is setting up heading into this week, the Weekly Strategy Session still ended up being one of the longest ones yet.

There’s a ton of information both contextual and actionable that needs to be on your radar heading into the tail-end of May. Something I learned these last few years about the old saying, “Sell in May, go away.” is that often times it means to sell IN May aka during May.

There’s been a recurring behavior of strong Monday morning fizzled into weakness. Then each week bulls dig in and close out the week well. Last week they even threw in a conviction trend day. Boy do they need to defend it.

Otherwise it’s back through the range we go, full horror show.

There’s all sorts of subtle clues to which way we head this week and an exciting mid-week kicker, so why not pony up less then you paid for a shot of Patron last night to prepare yourself for the upcoming week?

TAKE A LOOK INSIDE THE Weekly Strategy Session.

EXODUS members – Can you believe The Fly gave me keys to the Exodus blog? Check out my piece in there. It’s on the art of turning dials and fiddling with knobs to hone into harmonic wins.

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