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Let Me Have Word With You

Yes yes, this beautiful day is merely transient, right? Today is just a momentary reprieve before inevitable death. But that is exactly what makes it special, smell those roses boy.

The good days, if you don’t revel in them a bit, then all your brooding on the bad days is certain to create a mortal imbalance.

By means of super computers, I’ve managed to position myself in a manner that avoided most of the pain delivered to bulls this week. My book sort of sat around waiting for its shot at glory. Well here we are. This market is rewarding growth prospects as long as they don’t report earnings.

Look at YELP today, Stoppelman is once again a hero. GoPro looks lovely, three cheers for beer!  Elon made it through earnings relatively unscathed.  That ought to frighten bears a bit.

Remember this: tomorrow decides this week’s battle. I’d advise against shooting from the hip unless you have a compelling reason. However, come sunrise this whole ship could launch.

The pole is climbable. He’s a man, he bleeds.

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  1. heisenberg

    rally or blow tomorrow? gathering thoughts…

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