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Some of you might think this entire live exhibition is a charade—a flippant trek across the marketscape certain to end in destruction and homelessness. Devious troglodytes, freighted and confused by our world, hunch their heads and stare at these words from just below their eyebrows. And while they ferment with anger, their emotions only poison themselves, and in their destitute caves they remain.

We were given logic, gentlemen, and to embrace it is to be virtuous and universally aligned. You come here, we all come here, with the explicit intent of banking coin. Nobody cares how you’re so god damned driven, you are. And nobody cares how you go about banking said coin—only that your explicit intent is to do so.

There are tools. They were created to make us better, not to rabble on academically. There are brilliant minds, all coagulated by the forces of logos and steel.

All these qualities and MOAR are why iBankCoin will retain internet supremacy for no less than 10,000 years, a foundation stone carried across the galaxy to build new worlds.

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  1. Superpositron

    You have a colourfull way of writing. It’s good.

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  2. bonobo smores

    Freaky video
    I think all the gentleman assembled here can agree that MOAR is MOAR betta.

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