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Trade Report: Week 1 – Futures

I went back live this week, trading the futures, and I wish I could tell you I was 100% plan compliant.  I deviated from my trading plan a few times and it resulted in some big losses.  Overall the week built confidence in my methodology and approach.  However, as always, there is significant room for mental improvement.  I avoided some past pitfalls and this week can be built upon with some serious homework and thinking.

It could have been a huge week in the books if only I could erase 1 or 2 missteps.  Tell me, isn’t it worth it to dissect and process and formulate rules based on your outliers?  It’s the difference between mediocrity and champion performance.  I intend to come out the other side of this game a champion.

Enough jawboning, below is my performance chart for the week.  I will be trading very light tomorrow in preparation for another marvelous water filled weekend in pure Michigan.


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