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Taking It In

I am down a touch today, but it has been a very fruitful week for the benevolent and persistent Raul (extra self aggrandizing via the third person).   As exciting as the runs have been this week, pinpoint sniper shots like BAC, GOGO, RGSE, and SINA to name a few, my greatest successes continue to be in the futures market.  Years of dedicated study to the ways of order flow are starting to produce the wonderful fruit of trader competence.

It is getting to the point where I sit through noise, gingerly, until my algorithms and I agree it is time to get involved.  I am fine tuning 4 different setups, capable of trading both long and short (symmetry, very important in order flow trading) and the results have been impressive.

Pair this with my morning contextual work, and I am well on my way to being one of the most proficient traders this world has ever seen.  If you think I only kid when I say I intend to be a major player in the markets, my friend you are in for a rude surprise.  What I do here for free is worth tens of thousands of dollars in college tuition.  The process is here for one reason, to extract organized-crime amounts of money from the electronic markets—all of them.

Progress is what keeps me going.  If you are hitting a roadblock in your trading game, try out a new strategy, especially a different timeframe.  Look at what BAC did this week or BBRY last….reverse engineer these order flow driven moves and make them your own.  Then do it on weekly charts, minute charts, range charts, renko charts, volume charts, etc studying the minute nuances that differentiate a winner from a loser.

Then do it all again with a new setup, or picture.  This is the process, and it makes money.

That’s my rant going into the weekend.  It looks like I pulled out a win in the second round of March madness by losing less then my competition.  This means next week I get to come in with a chart positioned to rip heads off.  I like my odds.

I am still long in the book, but I cashed up to about 15% during the week.  That is plenty of dry cabbage in desperate need of a new home.  Fortunate for me, I am surrounded by a team of diligent stock pickers.  I will be shopping over the weekend.  You should too.

Favorites from my current book include SINA, BBRY, GOGO, and OESX

Now I must depart, early from my new office, like a boss because well…I am the boss.


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  1. Sooz

    OOooh..up against Chess..very good!
    I shall remain neutral going forward..March Madness contest.

    Have a great weekend, Sir Raul.

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  2. rormilt

    Awesome post. Troubleshoot every obstacle. Have a great weekend!

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