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Let Me ‘Splain It To You

Yesterday’s work has been paying dividends this week as it seems keeping my nose to the grindstone has yielded some positive results.  I have five positions up over 10 percent today.  I had six, but I booted the rest of my KNDI shares this afternoon.

My book is concentrating down very lovely.  I currently have 18 positions, but in reality I have only a few.  Let me explain:


Weed stocks – HEMP, PHOT, and GRNH

Everything else stocks – TSLA, LO, ONVO, VJET, TWTR, CUDA, and EXK

Call options – BBRY, ANGI, VJET, Z, and newly minted SINA

Yep, I went out and bought one of the lousiest losers on the day, SINA, when I SHOULD have simply waited.  This SINA daily chart is ugly.  I had to accept that.  The weekly chart is a beauty fit for a king.  I went ahead and bought in near the end of day, tossing caution to the wind—something I may regret if this stock doesn’t turn on a dime.

I think there is tilt from losing, and tilt from winning.  The latter is overconfidence, and it took some overconfidence to buy that SINA chart.  Maybe Dougie Fresh Kass will exact some vengeance upon my person for poking him all afternoon. He could go ravage SINA for a few days with short sales. I don’t know he’s on tilt too, you see?

Fortunately, I have lots of cash on hand after a few days of opportunity, 25% cash.  That is a ton of cash.

I sold FSLR to avoid another earning gash.  It looks like it was the right move.  It helped that the stock has a 17% win rate over the last 18 calls.  It will be interesting to see if this guy comes back tomorrow.  If it does, then it could rip all quarter.

What can I say?  I was bitter when I missed the TSLA run from $40 to $160 because I loved the concept back then.  I was not about to make the same mistake twice when the market gifted me with $120.00 entry points.  Haven’t you figured investing out yet?  It’s a god damn popularity contest, just like you hated in high school.  Remember when the dorks weren’t cool?  Then they invented social media companies and the cheerleaders flooded your halls with ticker tape and suddenly said dorks were heading the pep rally?  LoL, welcome back to high school, now who is going to take one for the team and bring ANGI to the dance?

Seriously, investing, like politics, is a popularity contest.  You can hate it all you want, or you can seek out the popular and leech onto them for their scraps.  Raul, being shameless, chooses the latter.

Don’t go goth on me and start shorting TSLA.  If you do, have some couth and be clever, else be ousted by the masses.

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  1. elizamae

    The 80’s certainly had no shortage of one hit wonders.

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  2. duckkell

    who is bringing that slut ANGI?? Im waiting patiently..

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  3. Sooz

    SHhh..at the opening, yesterday morning, I had a ‘Penny Stock Gone Wild’. A great thrill when that happens as it is completely unexpected yet happily received. I promptly sold 1/3 of my position(thinly traded but order filled nearly 500k).
    The True Gabool..(spec)
    It pushed my bottom line(IRA) to a place never reached before.
    I still hold 1mm share..haha
    If it begins to gather momentum I will share with you otherwise it’s just pure gamble/ spec.
    If it really starts to move, such as the left for dead NEXS(old ticker 2011) which sold off to the pennies and pre~ticker symbol change to RVLT , I will share with you.
    Someday I will give up this daily grind of stock picking and Oh what a happy day that will be..

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