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The cold kiss of nature did me a solid this morning, oh about 10 minutes after my morning post, by knocking the humble casa de la Raul completely off the grid.  This naturally took Elroi, my servant robot, offline too.

Finally I am back with power to make any last minute adjustments.

Apparently, everyone has gone entirely mad in one short week.  These people, in all their brilliance, are tripping over one another to buy the Japanese Yen.  Let that simmer a bit…money is making a flight to Japan, who is closer to war now then they have been ever in my lifetime.

It just doesn’t quite add up.

Everyone must be going insane.  Or, I may have lost my mind…it’s a theory.

I finally get my electric on and I begin the process of booting Elroi and start rifling through my charts.  Much to my chagrin I am down another 3.5% (nearly 7% in two days) but none of this matters.

None of my setups are broken.  I don’t have time to explain this right now, but I will.

I bought a small AAPL long.  I have more buying I want to do soon too.  I have names I want to buy.

So either, I go down in a blaze of glory, or, I make a big win soon.

I actually like my odds here with 12% cash.

Get out there and buy some blood, IMO.  Go trashy like TNA.

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  1. matt_bear

    reading about elroi just makes me think of the little kid from the jetson’s cartoon. lol

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  2. UncleBuccs

    Raul, as I type this, I’m sitting outdoors, the cool desert wind whipping my face (at work) – smoking a bent Dublin briar that’s filled with a Balkin blend named “Black House”. Somewhat ironic since my ‘house’ today was so red. Earlier, I took a 12 month gander at $RUT.X, and it plainly was still working within that magnificent upward channel. I then proceeded to purchase more $FSLR & a side dish of $YOKU… I still plan on gloating in the February sunshine along with you.

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  3. Sooz

    Un~Frickin~Believable(sort of).This is pretty disturbing..
    (since I’m unable to log in to repond I shall post here)
    by Cronkite:

    Hey There..
    “Hi” to Z, aka drummerboy, I thought you were MIA. Very good to see your name over there.

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    • Sooz

      BS radar was sounding off into the close..Friday.
      “OMFG!”, as DT would say..

      Your broker must love you…Mr. Goldsocks(aka..Mr P., Mr Oil..Mister “It’s a Bull Market..blah..blah..blah”).
      I’d be curious to know how much you pay yearly in transaction fees?

      Of Course you went nearly 50% cash going into the weekend..Just effin Brilliant ..uh huh(?)
      I’ll be ‘Got [email protected]'(sic)..always winning!

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