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Keep Moving

A good week was had by most, we traded, we faded, and things got a bit obfuscated when too many signals started crossing.  Elroi took a winning trade this morning at 4 am while I still fake sleeping.  I would pull a screenshot but I have been saddled with a criminal amount of work into Friday afternoon.

While many of you signoff and return to your beer bottle, I have entered perhaps the third inning of what promises to be a long and eventful weekend of labor.  Such is the ramification of spending the trading hours glued to your terminal, talking smack on the interwebs.  Pair that with a surprise audit and your weekend plans all take a rain check.

However, this is the arctic north, and the weather does nothing to inspire one, thus why not work my fingers to the bones while dreaming of tropic wonders?  I will make my escape from this wretched climate soon enough.

I made some pesos this week.  I gave a small bit back today but considering the type of crack rock I hold in my ranks, I chalk today up as a big victory.

The market sold off into the bell, I think, I stopped paying attention to be perfectly honest.  My charts looked safe enough to file away and get back to real work.

Top picks into next week: FB, ACAD (new long, Feb 26 calls), and YELP (I need to buy this still)

My Lulu stretchy pants are sagging at the inseam after excessive squat jumps.  This may have been an overzealous knife catch attempt.

I have to get back to work.  I will get back to you internet people later. Be well.

FINAL NOTE: I heeded our Chief Market Strategist’s caution and raised some cash.  I am 33 percent cash.

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  1. UncleBuccs

    Raul – I picked up some ACAD calls on that late afternoon fade. I enjoy kindred plays, and FSLR wasn’t enough for me. Will be much fun gloating in the February sunshine….

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