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I started the year with a bang, up over two percent.  One percent per day would annualize nicely I am sure.  Driving these gains is a push into alternative energy and energy savings components.  Solar panels, fuel cells, and wind turbines for generating power to ignite the energy sipping diodes inside LEDs.  LED lighting is a technology that can be proven mathematically to pay for itself in short order and then last longer than most of you shall live.

You’re seeing more of them around you, aren’t you?

I get excited about very little in this world and LEDs are one of them.  They are going to get smaller and brighter every six to nine months, as proven by Haitz’s Law.  Thus you can expect the price to continue to drop, like the components in your obsolete computer, and the aesthetics to increase dramatically.  As the light source shrinks in size it will become increasingly ubiquitous in architecture.  Smaller and smaller it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

I envision a pin-sized diode blasting the wrath of the sun upon one hundred square feet of autonomous robot laborers.  The future is bright indeed!

Today I sold out of BLDR and SSYS and part of the C position I started yesterday for gains.  Then I went large in CREE right at low of the session it was beautiful.

10% cash into the weekend.  Here’s to a warm inflow of mutual fund money once the New Year really kicks off, saluti!

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  1. matt_bear

    where’s the RVLT love, sir?

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  2. dominator

    First of all, nice video.
    Secondly(who invented that word?), I too am carrying about a ten percent cash position, but that must increase soon. C CREE are on my wish list.

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