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A Down Day You Say?

The year started with a bang as my zombie solar positions, relics of 2013, came back to life and began their 2014 campaign to eat the brains of short sellers.  I rode deep into “the shit” with YGE, stomaching nearly a 20% drawdown on the position.  I suppose said stock could have gone to zero and taken away all my money. Yet I am young and brazen and have 40 or so years of hard work ahead of me. You see time, my friends, is on my side.  FSLR caught a little love too.  I scaled a bit of YGE off but still hold a hefty lode.

My other zombie position “The Mangina” MJNA, is ripping rather recklessly because the people of Colorado are exulting their newfound freedoms. Prices of cannabis are soaring, as are the degenerate OTC penny junks that trade on these interwebs. Go figure.

My Z weekly lotto ticket started showing genuine promise this morning before succumbing to the pressure of sell flow which knocked price back into this holding pattern.  I still have common stock, but I may be out of time on these tickets.

The (unrealized) profits in Z weekly lottery tickets may or may not have been the culprit behind procuring CMG weekly lottery snacks, which quickly turned against me and will most surely expire worthless.  Ah the lottery, one can hope yes?

Social media, all of it except bizarre-o Twitter, looks weak today.  Fortunately, I am only long TWTR, YELP, ANGI, SINA, and Z.  There was pain.

I bought SFM and it was faded.

I bought C and it went beast into the bell.  They like the financials and C, last year’s SOTY, has been grinding for months and arguably resting and wanting higher.

I was up 1.5% today.  These type of gains can sometimes take all month.  Something tells me easy come…I need to stay nimble.

I have a big book of longs and we are teetering at the highs.  Is it different this time?  Or will I take a huge loss to start the year and spend the entire 1st quarter playing catch up?  Developing…

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