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Keeping The Balance

Overnight was fairly quiet in the Composite futures where the main feature was a rotation higher in the early hours, around 4 am.  The pulse higher was effective in erasing a slow and balanced drift lower, but it also put the market into overbought territory on the very short term.  Early on, perhaps even premarket, my expectation is for sellers to work price lower a bit before we see an attempt at another rotation higher.

I have envisioned two scenarios for today, both which expect value to be built upon our existing and fragmented profile structure.  Should we press beyond these envisioned profiles and accept price beyond their range that would be an early cue this week that sentiment has shifted.

You can see my vision along with levels to monitor on the following market profile charts:


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  1. Sooz

    Update..and keeping balance, alright.

    Sir Raul, if you will, could you please let Mr. Goldsocks.(.aka Mr Partridge..aka..Mr oil or whatever name he’s going by these days) and he’s partner Flyaway Val.. that I’m resetting my position in JOEZ
    here from last Friday (from port history)taking over 100% on older position from 53 pennies:

    11/15/2013 YOU SOLD
    Cash Shares: -24,815.000 Price: $1.09 Amount: $27,039.92

    and again today taking once again a nice size gain from the 53 penny level some .60 cents some .70 cents and taking a small hit on the scoop from 9/12(posted) $1.14 here:
    Status Filled at $1.08
    Symbol JOEZ
    Description JOES JEANS INC COM
    Action Sell
    Quantity 60,185 Shares
    Order Date 11/18/2013, 09:33:29 AM ET
    (actually took until 11:19:53 AM to fill order)

    *remain long at last in entry posted somewhere here at $1.03

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  2. Sooz

    here’s some nice drivel..HAhahahhaha
    (nothing personal here..really)
    Mr. Partridge Nov. 12 at 3:37 PM
    from the pages of Twitter~land, and when this stock was well below 13

    $SRPT OMG people actually buying this here.. WOW

    just makes me laugh..that’s all!!
    apparently there are many people out there that are ridiculously stupid(?)

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    • Sooz

      Perfecto..(relatively speaking)


      Have a great afternoon, all you Beautiful People

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    • Sooz

      why does ‘Anyone’ make a comment like that(many other examples,as well) when they do not hold share and have ‘NO Intention”(apparently) in buying?

      So, when did Carl I. come on the Boob Tube with his ‘Da Bear’ remarks? The market was feeling tired(maybe it was just me)last Friday.

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