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Elusive Consistency

I joined the 100% club this week with shares of ONVO. One can never be certain how high a stock price can go. This is one reason I advocate scaling out. I booked 2/3 of my position throughout the run, but here I am, continuing to ride the wave.

We haven’t even had our first pullback yet since exploding out of that multiple month consolidation. Perhaps the stock comes back on me and suddenly is only up 50 or 25 percent. And that will likely be an excellent buy opportunity.

I have so many shares of the GOGO it makes me feel brawny. I have wanted this company for months, months I tell you. I couldn’t buy them, just like you can’t buy shares now, because the price was too high. Remember The Fly nailing the move from ten to sixteen? I had to watch the stock for almost a month, adamantly, waiting for my stubborn entry. I put good time into getting my entry. This market is going to need to commit some heinous acts to take my shares away. I call it catch me if you can investing.

I had a fantastic week last week trading the /NQ. This week I gave most of it back. I will be completely honest with you, people of the internet, it’s because I deviated from my plan. I didn’t even see it happening until last night. I corrected course and finished green today.

Stringing two weeks of profit together is something I’m yet to accomplish in the futures. When it happens, I’m taking a week off and declaring victory.

The swing port is up a healthy 25% on the year. Sure I could have bought and held the index and outperformed but where is the glory in that? My goal is to press out 8% more and wrap up the year a lovely 33% in the green. That’s why I hunt these stocks like an Aztec ninja.

My positions are plenty, they’ve done nothing wrong. Now it’s just a matter of them doing something right.

Enjoy your weekend and congrats to all my trading comrades on a solid week.

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  1. Martin

    I took half off my ONVO today to lock in just over 100% gains, as well as VJET for about 75%. I think they both trade higher, but just seems like a “too far, too fast” situation.

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  2. matt_bear

    I’ve been left in the cold with ONVO and GOGO. Sold at 8 and 19. GOGO hurts even more as I was holding call options back when the stock was in the 10’s. Not experienced trading momo stocks, so I employed the typical book profit and wait for retrace to jump back in strategy. Though with these names it’s probably going to be much higher still. Oh well. My hats off to the people still holding.

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