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You may be expecting a delicious and powerful blog post from Raul today, a post loaded with grammatical errors and such demanding the prestige of my fellow internet trader.  After all, I am up 12 percent on yesterday’s GOGO purchase, with another block of shares deep in the green from pre-earnings.  Or maybe I could take a victory lap for cashing out some ONVO over ten and taking my position down to a runner which can now increase my trading account ad infinitum while I seek out other opportunities to extract funds from these markets.

On the contrary, I could gnash out a post going over the heat I am taking in my TSLA long or how I cut a small loss in NBG only to get a firm decock afterhours by a Baltic secondary.  This type of post would lambast short sellers and foretell stories of future victories over my villainous rivals.

But I cannot shake this cold chip resting snug on my shoulder which makes me want nothing to do with anybody.  I don’t even want to leave my office to head home and enjoy a warm fire.  I just want to sit here, staring out my dark window, sucking down saturated chia seeds.  Perhaps said seeds are the culprit.  Have you gotten on board this latest health tip?  You soak chia seeds, yes the exact same ones used on your Barack Obama pet, and then you suck down the gelatinous mix via water bottle.  It feels like you are slurping ground giblets but apparently you will have the strength of five Aztec warriors in a week or so.  So I added giblet juice to my regimen alongside heavy spinach consumption, moderate vitamin C, piss loads of beets, and the flax, and the god damned egregious water consumption.

Yet I still feel aloof.

I bought some WLT and AAPL.  I contemplated either WLT or SOL for so long I almost missed my entry.  The word of the day is slow.  The futures are not rotating how I know and love, yet I would have had a green day but I flip flopped on a long.  The level of focus required to trade futures is intense.  Stock trading feels like slow motion in comparison.  Today could have been a humble wage but was instead a mild shade of red.  I am 0-2 on the week, playing from behind.

I was a haught shade of green on the old port woo hoo

Have a good one

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  1. UncleBuccs

    Raul, I’ve now been BALTed & MCPeed in back to back months. Somehow, I find it laughable. I have no idea why. Maybe at 42, my testosterone is finally starting to dip.. The chia seeds thing is interesting. I’m going to look into it. In regards to your aloofness, maybe a solid episode of Ancient Aliens would ground you, once more…

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  2. Sooz

    That’s a perfect Krell (HTB) video post on Fly’s blog.

    ((Huge Grin)) here..

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  3. tardman_mcmantard

    Dude, the Fly needs to move your blog higher up the ladder – good shit.

    I’m still waiting on my WLT entry. I shall enter when it hits $16.95, no sooner.

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