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Rolling Into The Weekend

I came into the day completely unprepared for all the volume to roll into December contracts.  As a result, I spent the morning getting all of my charts built.  By the time I completed this task the only opportunities of the day had come and gone.  After watching the tape for a bit, I ordered an oversized lunch and stared out the window while eating it.

There just isn’t much for me to do today.

RBCN caught an upgrade but some the bounce if being faded off.  I get the sense this stock is setting up to offer long speculators another correction, but I’m struggling to justify selling my shares for any other reason. I will stick around for the flop Monday.

I can’t justify selling SKF either.  Aside from the Goldman Dow inauguration, financials have sucked wind all week while tech goes on a no holds cocaine bender.  Look at WFC, BRK/B, C, BAC, and the butt grabbers at AIG.  They all performed rather lame.

It helps me carry high beta through the weekend, too.

I will stick with EXK into the weekend.  It could either carve another 6-7% off me or rip tits higher.  I like that type of binary situation.

Enjoy the final throws of summer this weekend.

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  1. BathSaltTrader

    Another classic from the young, rich Negros.
    I am of the opinion that many of the miners have put in a bottom, and I also like $EXK down here. I have been in and out of $AXU as well, as it has even more beta

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