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The Overplay for the Underlay

Well how about that morning /ES session?  Quite the contrast to yesterday and the paint drying we were subjected to.

I had a great little scalp long at the open.  Then I engaged Bossram even though I wanted to see a test of yesterday’s VAH first.  I adhered to Bossram.  It took a loss on the long side, then it engaged short, and took a loss on the short side.

The bad news is I took 2 losses in a row trading Bossram, the good news is they trades were fully plan compliant, and could have been much worse had I not adhered to the plan.

Typically, it goes on a huge win streak at this point, so the key is to continue to engage.  But probabilities are probabilities, every trade is a coin toss.

Elroi scored one short for 1.75 handles and is currently taking heat in another short.

Onto my portfolio:

I sold some scraps out of my book, remaining runners in YELP, BBRY, and YGE.  I also bought more SKF.  Whether or not that trade works out is very much still debatable.

No reason to be down on these losses or saying adios to my winners, it’s time to dig my heels in.


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