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15 Longs, 0 Shorts, 15 Percent Cash

I shuffled the deck up a bit today, closing out MHR after a fantastic run and scaling off some bread in USO, AMBA, and YELP.  Then I bought some TRLA even though deep down I wanted to chase Zillow.  I think the concept behind both companies is ostensibly the same although a realtor who has worked with both firms may possess differentiating information.

I used both when home hunting and found their services to be indispensable, even with the help of a realtor.  I could find listings and say, “Hey, guy, why didn’t this gem populate my daily emails?”  I liked keeping him on his toes but mostly I wanted to find the right house which was painful in my price range.

I lightened up on the whole oil shebang because of how many false breakouts I’ve seen across the markets these past few months.  The crude oil breakout looks so picture perfect, I don’t like it.  Then everybody started getting soft about playing missile vollyball and everything started to unwind.  Note: my profit taking occurred before the unwind.

Let me take a brief tangent at this moment and discuss bragging and the swag that goes along with it.  First off, I’m a very humble person in real life.  I don’t drive flashy cars or wear over-the-top fashion because I don’t like the attention it brings.  Last time I dressed too nice, my gym locker was broken into and picked clean.  I never dressed nice again.

When losing trades roll through, sometimes four of five at a time, I analyze them, painstakingly, live to the people of the internet.  As honest as this all seems, I do it for myself and to learn from my ways.  I read posts in the days leading up to the losses and peer into my mentality.  It’s a useful tool, a journal, for finding behavioral patterns.

So if I’m going to self-deprecate all over the internet and loath losers because I hate them oh so much, excuse you, I’m going to take a victory laps too.  You should try it.  It is fun.

Now let me ‘splaine’ something to you.  I nailed the oil trade and I will continue to do so.  This weekend I’ll be eating a meal fit for a king because, if there’s one area in life I never cheap out on, it’s eating.  Then I’m going to bring no less than two fast women along in my subcompact auto to sample the finest offerings our local scene provides.  Trust me, we all gone eat honey.  When they ask what we’re celebrating I’ll simply point upward and say, “Mother Russia” in a thick accent and then slam my fist onto the nearest table to summon the serving wench.  Then it’s ‘eyeball Paul’ time.

“Babe, I had to nail the oil trade to finance the drubbing I’m taking in this RVLT investment.”

Investing, my friends, is hard when your first investment vehicle is a three dollar stock that was a penny stock in January.  But I can tell you this, if their management team executes by collecting ALL THE LOW HANGING FRUIT spread across our country, a bumper crop if you will, they will make hundreds of millions of dollars.  The hardest part of this investment isn’t going to be holding through a drawdown, it’s going to be sitting on my hands when it goes green.  That’s where the money is made.

Or the whole shit house goes up in flames.  Hey, it happens.

If you’re young, time is on your hands.  We have many more years to earn any lost money back.  Why not invest into a high spec stock?  What else will you do with your money?  Lease the same BMW as your douche bag friends?

Finally, I didn’t even fire up my futures platform until 3pm today.  ELROI was dormant today and BOSSRAM took one winning trade in beta testing.  I have 600+ unread emails, five overbearing fruit trees, and one broken database to tend to aka why I abhor vacations.  I likely won’t be trading futures live until next Tuesday.

I missed you guys and I’m glad to be back in the saddle.

Until tomorrow or perhaps this evening,


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    I’m late to reading this, but excellent stuff, as always. Raul, you’re a wise young man…

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