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Closing Strong

The S&P squeezed above the bull target we observed this morning.  Capturing and sustaining trade at these levels was a worthy accomplishment by the bull camp and instills a bit of confidence going into the weekend.  The flip side of the coin is the complacent manner of the tape, where bulls are being led back into high energy momentum stocks and the market yawned off a complete NASDAQ freeze.

Regardless, I’ve made no changes to my book, nor do I intend to ahead of the weekend.  Instead I’m day dreaming about hitting the magnificent road and leaving this filthy city behind.  I’m heading for the pure air of Pure Michigan.

My only move today was buying ENPH, and old nemesis, near the open.  I’m 90 percent long heading into the weekend, carrying a broad array of stocks and ETFs.

Could I get slaughtered come Monday?  Sure.

But I’m confident I can trade my way out of it with my thick quiver of arrows.  I look forward to doing so, live on the interwebs, like a boss.

Top Picks: MHR, ENPH

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Sooz

    Have a Great weekend, yourself, Sir Raul.

    It’s been an interesting week (or two)for certain. One(s) that, in my lifetime, shall never be repeated.

    stars fill the sky..most Beautiful


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