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The Momentum Plan

I’m testing out a new run-and-gun strategy with about 50% of my swing portfolio.  Like any approach I take to the market, I start by writing out a plan.  I usually keep these private because they’re very dear to me, but iBankCoin is for the people.  I have written close to 50 of these plans.  Any good plan should be amorphous to survive in the markets.  Therefore I start with something basic and add or remove rules as I become more familiar with the approach.  Enjoy.



I will trade stocks from the popular intraday momentum screen within The PPT  (Link: PPT Members Click Here!)

I will trade long only

I will enter trades either when the S&P 500 as represented by the eMini S&P future contract “/ES” is at a support level I suspect could mark the low of the session or when the index shows upward momentum.

I will choose whichever stock in the list presents the best daily chart setup

I will drill down intraday and enter the first buyable dip

I will risk about 0.50% of my portfolio on each position

The above plan is already in action with the following trades:

Current positions undertaken according to this plan are OCZ, SCTY, & FIVE.

SCTY was entered too early according to my third rule.  Therefore the entry was only 80% within compliance with the plan.

FIVE conversely was entered in the afternoon, when the overall market showed signs of upward momentum.  The first buyable dip was entered upon, and the position size was correct. 100 percent.

I entered the SCTY trade very soon after taking my third scale in OCZ.  I’ve been scaling OCZ off in quarters because it was a huge position.  I was frustrated when I took my morning scale at 1.89 only minutes before it rallied to 1.99.  I immediately utilized The Stop Method© but I did so in slight haste, pouncing a bit aggressively on the SCTY long.  It offered a lower risk entry soon after.

Prices I’ll be targeting on the aforementioned three trades:

OCZ – n/a I’m down to a runner that must trade below 1.70 on a closing basis to stop me out.  I want to let my winner run free like a wild horse.

SCTY, Targeting 43.25 then 44.50 then runner.  Risk below 39.95 on a closing basis

FIVE, Targeting 42 for a 2/3 scale then runner.  Risk below 38.80 on a closing basis.

Rinse repeat, rinse repeat.

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  1. RaginCajun

    Glad to have you on board with momo screen, it has been money.

    RBCN on tonight’s list, liking that one. CLSN also setup to run on further strength.

    Way to hold OCZ, finally paid today (as you know, it has been on screen).

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  2. Raul3

    One after another

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  3. RC

    Can’t wait to watch this thing of beauty I call PEIX tomorrow. Been all over this screen.

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