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The Precious Metal Trade is Back ON!

The popularity pendulum has swung again, and the bunker lifestyle is back en vogue.  This trend, like parachute pants, may not last long, but goodness it is fun while it lasts.

Home gamers and pros alike will spend today clamoring over a small basket of stocks.

For the patient types, RGLD

For the-runner-the-gunner, EXK

For the degenerate gamblers, any-and-all-miners

I was quick to engage,”gangnam style” this morning via EXK as it sports my marque setup which caught my eye over the weekend.  It should have caught my eye Friday when I was in my summertime coma.  I’m not caring so much.

Here’s my plan, as you can see I’ve jumped the gun a bit:

The plan is a trigger above $3.75, target 1 is $4 (6.7% gain), target 2 is ~$4.50 (20% gain), then you just let the final piece ride and see if the big bankers want to turn this thing around. Risk is below $3.40.

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  1. Adam

    Coincidently picked some EXK up at 3.72 this morn

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