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The Game Plan Henceforth

Firstly, it should come as no surprise to most that although my current habitat is a small grey cube I’m best suited for the circus.  One of my specialties is spinning nine plates while tending to nine irons in three fires while riding a unicycle.  As such, I’m not caring so much when I’m wrong on a trade or business venture because three others are putting bread on my little clown table.

In the past, I could be found on the twitter early in the morning, guns blazing like Yosemite Sam on these juiced up stocks like ZNGA or BBY.  I like swing trading little 5-8 percent bangers and it’s treated me well since like August.

But sometimes you have to find another cat, and skin it naked.  Aside: I love cats.  I keep two of the outdoor variety for keeping the damn squirrels out of my walnut trees.  Back on the topic: I like the S&P future contract.  It’s the most liquid financial instrument in the world.  It is the essence of pure order flow.  Any hand big enough to sway this market shows a big harry footprint.  I like order flow, so I’m teaching myself to trade it.

The plan calls for me to trade the e-mini S&P from 8:30am-11am.  I trade this market without external influence.  No blogs, no twitter, and most certainly no teevee.  It’s just me and my robots.

So don’t go looking for me so much around those hours.

The way I trade stock swings, I need a good look at the close to solidify the signal.  However, I like getting in early sometimes, and since I won’t be as active in the morning, only 25 percent of my capital will be tied to these types of trades.

The rest I’ve begun dollar-cost-averaging into names I really like.  My two absolute favorites are CREE and AWK.  Light emitting diodes and water.  Both are vital to our future.  I started buying SAM, but I’m not as solid on this thesis yet.  I may just cut and regroup.  I’m trying to get excited about AAPL, seeing as I bought the bottom, but it’s hard to call this an investment yet.  I could cut at any moment.

So I’m an investor now, a swing trader, a morning scalper, an accountant, a business owner, and a blogger.  Fly will tell you to temper your expectations on life, but my father was a day laborer and I’m already upper-middle class looking to get rich as fuck.  Straight up, I won’t stop until I have a stable of cars, a Lenny Dykstra-Wayne Gretzky house, and one of those vanishing edge pools.

Last thing: many respectable players recommend keeping separate accounts for different strategies.  I’ve never tried putting them all together, but I DO keep separate accounts for all of this trading activity.  I can imagine it could get harry having it all in one place.

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