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Bad But Not Horrible—Girls Will Be Girls

We’re seeing follow-through today on yesterday’s selling and it’s decimating many bullish charts.  As of lunchtime the SPY has made a clean break through its 33ema.  However, the 99ema is right below and I’m hesitant to dismiss the bull case entirely until we see the markets put in a lower high.  With that in mind, I want to turn your attention to a relative strength standout today and hot money high flyer, Lululemon Athletica ticker LULU.  The stock is up today.  I started buying this morning but was shaken out by the broad selloff. Should we see the market stabilize and turn around (which it is yet to do) I could see this name rocketing higher.  Keep it on your watch list.

Aside from my quick jaunt in LULU ownership, I liquidated most of my longs.  Remaining longs are AWK, ATML, GS, RVBD, and FB and I’m short SKS and M.  Cash is hovering near 60%.   

UPDATE: sold RVBD too

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