Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Lets See Who Shows Up For Work Today

The early AM has seen prices in the S&P gently levitate after gapping down Sunday evening. After finding support near Friday’s low near 1418 the market has lifted over five handles and as of 9:15 AM is pricing an open within yesterday’s value area.

Key levels from Friday’s balance are the volume price of control at 1422.75 and the value area high and low at 1426.75 and 1416.25 respectively.  Below Friday’s low the next key area is last Monday’s value area low at 1415.75 and below there we want to see bulls holding last Monday’s low, otherwise they risk a quick blow to their confidence on this shortened trading day.  Taking out Monday’s lows, the lows of last week could set the tone for the week.

Keep an eye on the key levels from Friday for a cue on who make their way to market this Christmas eve:

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  1. Raul3

    The buyers best push this morning stalled right at the VPOC. Not much gas in the holiday tank.

  2. ultramarine

    Raul3, how is this histogram generated? It looks pretty cool.

      • ultramarine

        Thanks, Raul3. I am already familiar with PnF charts (I use them on at times). Your links in your article are to information on the PnF charts, but nothing specific to TPO, unless I missed something. I have read a few books on PnF charts and have not seen TPO referenced.

        How do you generate the TPO chart? Is it a feature in the software you are using? Which software package is it? I see NinjaTrader in the lower left-part of the screenshot.