Sunday, December 4, 2016
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Down But Never Out

Strong bounce thus far this morning in the S&P, pumping hard off of a key support level.  Financials continue to behave very bullish although the session is still early.  We’re into the back-and-fill range I highlighted this morning after getting a telegraphed bounce off of Monday’s value area high:


Although I’m down over 1.5% today and counting, I used this morning’s pop to clean out all the degenerate positions from my portfolio.  All except one, BGMD.   I can’t let this position go unless it gets seriously weak.  It flagged hybrid oversold yesterday with an impressive dataset and look at this chart:



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  1. The Real Muppet

    Haaa. ES TPO, I feel better.

  2. ultramarine

    Raul3, what is that histogram-type chart you have listed, and what program generates it? Looks pretty cool.