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The Great Tab Battle

The republic of iBankCoin has spoken.  The blogger network has been demoted.  I can hardly say I’m surprised.  Reading through the unnamed board member’s comments, it’s easy to assume many related to my person and my pseudo existence on the interwebs.  Does a sense of shame wash over my mind?  Ghast, no!  The Fly is a kind leader, and will continue to let us roam the lesser halls of iBC.  However the finest confounds of the internet pale in comparison to the lesser halls of iBC.

Do I deserve to be tabbed, on this holy of holiest site?  You’re god damned right I don’t.

I’m not a professional of any rank currently.  I’m a fucking accountant, for now.  As I write this however, many young wheels are slowly taking motion.  These vehicles have begun extracting income from our leaky economy and soon will replenish my coffers at a regular basis thus freeing me from the tyranny of my corporate butt fuck job.  Mind you I never intended to be an accountant; it’s just the easiest job one can obtain these Midwestern days.

Which brings me to why I don’t belong iBC tabbed:

I would sully the great works of the tabbed geniuses with my incessant drivel.  Have you ever seen an accountant up close?  Drivel literally spews from the facial orifices all day like an overheated basset hound.  Vile fucking humans accountants are.

So until I shed the dog skin suit of an accountant and run free through the interwebs naked for the world to see, I will remain without tab.  And will certainly not procure my own blog domain.

I enjoy much of what the blogger network produces.  Especially the following:

Rhino lives where generations of acid have degraded society into a cup of raisins.  And he has super hero like strength.  His picks are good.  Sometimes he writes really long paragraphs and I skip them because they lose me.  He may want to beat my person to a pulp.  However I run a low ten second 100 meter dash and can transition that immediately into a six minute mile pace, so I’ll run.

Both Zenhunter and Noodleboy trade in a manner similar to mine and I enjoy their posts.

AffluenzaVirus posts great chart setups and I always make it a point to peruse his picks.

NoBull Marc David is a professional and anything he writes I consider important to my overall health.

Mr. Partridge was pretty great, but he went away.

I really enjoy reading schadenfreude.

Kcscott puts together some ace comprehensive pieces.  Mostly I click to see his cropped babe on a chart uploads.

Research Donkey really seems more news feed based, but I enjoy.

Vking…I don’t know why but I get quite the kick out of his work and he’s an interesting character.  His time stamps have really messed up the blogger network’s chronology.

Elizamae, Redman59, and many more I’m sure to forget are all great reads for me.

Some suck dick and that’s fine too.  All together it makes for an interesting community of likeminded individuals.

Bottom line:  I navigate away from iBC ONLY when I can’t find something new to read.  I go to other sites, read them for like 30 seconds, because they have one writer and fucking leave and come back to iBC.  Battle well my fellow blogger network people and continue to add value to my iBankCoin experience.


Going forward I will focus on risk management.  It’s my favorite.  You will continue seeing my posts because I’m drawn to the work by a strong force.

Indeed, these are interesting times we live in.



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  1. elizamae

    “Reading through the unnamed board member’s comments, it’s easy to assume many related to my person and my pseudo existence on the interwebs.”

    Hah, the same thing was going through my mind as well. When you (pl.) decide to pen works here on the holy grail of financial blog sites, you must be prepared to feel the weight of critical review as well.

    FWIW, you are certainly one of the BN writers I read regularly.

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  2. vking

    I piss on time stamps…For the record I would rank the name Raul as a top 10 name for chick banging…And finally…I am not a character…I am an ATM of stock trading…V.King will be a service here soon enough…Thank you for your loyal readership…and for that I will give you 10% off the first months membership

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