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WFM Not Growing Fast Enough

WFM announced earnings this afternoon beating analyst estimates by a penny @ $0.42/share.  Meanwhile they’ve managed to grow same store sales 8.7% during a fucking economic shit storm, lending a hand to the consumer polarity argument.  Not good enough.  Shares are down $5.00 afterhours.  Apparently investors are pissed the company did not pass through enough food inflation.

I like WFM because it’s growing and exploiting the health and wellness infatuation trend.  People who care to give a fuck (what?) don’t want corn fed beef, instead they want said beef walking around the prairie munching grass and weeds.  Mr. Gint will give you the skinny on GMOs being a gift to your grandchildren, but I prefer my beef avoids confinement to a feeding stall.  I also like the attrition.  So many of my friends who’ve been otherwise unemployable take pride in their tenure as WFM bagging clerks.

The increased dividend concerns me.  What the fuck management?  You can’t find the next group of LULU babes jonesing for feel good blueberries?  As an investor I don’t want WFM to give me a dividend, but to grow!

Confidence Building Food
Your Food is Your Motivation

I still like the company in the intermediate term.  WFM is strong in a bitch of a consumer segment.  I will use a pullback to increase my holding.

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    Agree 100% on the dividend. WTF!

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