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Neutral in Surge

Funny thing, seeing the market skyrocket in October and my portfolio doing jack shit.  Hobo clown funny.  Sitting in cash while the drama plays out is one thing, but I have my positions: APP, AWK, GSVC, RGLD, SKF, and WFM.

 I could have made a few bucks, but I added more SKF’s like some kind of knife catching circus performer on 10/25.  Sweet timing.  The day before financials have their “coming out” party.  Queers.  I cut the position in half yesterday around 10am for a decent fill, relative to the continuing homo bank surge. 

 Today I added some APP.  I like the price action of h/h, h/l.  And with GSVC slap-chopping higher I’m right where I found myself at the beginning of this festive month. Lame.

 My stance needs to become more directional sometime soon.  A healthy pullback could be welcomed.

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  1. Raul3

    Aside, I’m thrilled to see Marty Staff leaving APP even if it means the degenerate gets $300k and 6 months of healthcare. What a douche. Stop dressing like you’re twenty. Your life is over.

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