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Pence Destroys Kaine; CNN Goes Full Libtard

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From CNN/ORC Instant Poll: Pence Narrowly Wins Debate

This poll is among debate watchers (and among debate watchers there were slightly more Democrats watching than Republicans).  CNN some how had Pence still beating Kaine 48 to 42%.

Here are the results from two other polls:

Did Kaine do better or worse than you expected?

Better: 38%, Worse: 43%, Same: 15%

Did Pence do better or worse than you expected?

Better: 67%, Worse: 14%, Same: 15%

Now from the all-important Ramp Capital poll, which means everything:

If Pence was a public trading stock and they reported earnings like this, the stock would go up 40% the next day.

Bonus material:

CNN went FULL LIBTARD tonight.  They got a room of 20 undecided voters (counted 28?) in Richmond, Virginia where Tim Kaine is Senator and asked who won tonight’s debate.  I’m done.  I literally, can’t, even.

It’s too bad we can’t have both of these guys run for President instead of the all-unimportant Vice President position.  Pence would still mop the floor with both Kaine and HRC.

Tune in on Sunday, we will be live-tweeting the Presidential Debate on IBC.

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  1. RampCapitalLLC

    No doubt Pence would have given Kaine a swirly in high school. Man versus catamite.

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  2. peaches

    the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived

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  3. RampCapitalLLC

    Why didn’t he bust out the Spanish like he did at the DNC? No bueno. No bueno.

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