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The First Presidential Debate: Turd Sandwich Versus Giant Douche

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The first presidential debate begins on Monday night. You will get to see the two most hated presidential candidates to ever run for office square off against each other. This will be entertainment at its finest. A giant douche versus a turd sandwich. The anticipation and lead up to this event has been almost unbearable.  Blood will be drawn, mud and feces will be thrown, and tears will be shed. Hatred will flow.

I ran and poll recently to see who you would rather vote for and here are the results:

Unfortunately, I am not sure if I will be able to live tweet or watch the debate because I will be on vacation with no cell phone service. But I’m sure I can find a Wi-Fi somewhere on the island and if so I will tune in. I will most likely be intoxicated on sugary rum drinks and rolling cigars with the locals while wrapped in mosquito nets trying to stay away from the Zika virus. I will be recording it on my DVR back home so that I can rewatch it whenever I feel sad or lonely. I suggest you do the same.

I think it is only fair that we create a drinking game for this momentous occasion, it’s the American way. Feel free to add buzzwords from giant douche’s vocabulary in the comment section below that we can drink to. I  haven’t been following turd sandwich enough to know her favorite buzzwords but here is a good list for giant douche:

Make America Great Again

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    The moment you stop trying to be liked by everyone is the moment you’ll find clarity.

    Fly, 2016

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    Blizam, Fly drops knowledge.

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    “I” wins

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