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Prepare For The Alien Invasion

The 3:30 Ramp Capital fund was created during the recovery of The Great Recession. As it has been recognized by financial institutions around the world, 3:30 Ramp Capital has been known to add a mysterious liquidity to the last 30 minutes of trading in the U.S. stock market. 3:30 Ramp Capital is disguised under the cover of High Frequency Traders and policies enacted by the Federal Reserve and Central Bankers around the world. 3:30 Ramp Capital AKA Ramp Capital, LLC AKA The Onion of Finance will always be bullish on stocks NO MATTER WHAT. #RampStamp
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The S&P 500 is already down +50 handles in the first 3 days of trading.  Futures are currently down another +20 handles and oil is hitting a 32 handle after the Chinese market got halted and then suspended for the entire day after dropping 7%.  The Chinese slowdown is real, children.

On Monday I asked my followers what they thought would come next.  Let’s analyze each one briefly.


Rate hike: Lol GTFO. Everyone knows the only reason the Fed hiked was so they could cut when shit like this was bound to happen.  They were getting ahead of the game.  The 19% who voted for this option are clearly short the market and I will find your stops.

Rate cut: This is a definite possibility.  I’d say once down 5% on the year we will cut back to 0-0.25 fed funds rate.  On a 10% decline we will look at more quantitative easing.

World War 3 came in close for second place which was good timing as North Korea recently announced they have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.  USA quickly called their bullshit.

Alien invasion is the clear winner.  What better timing for an alien invasion to annihilate our species?  It really is quite genius.  The aliens are most likely watching us from the dark side of the moon.  They are going to strike us when our morale is in the gutter, when the world is suffering from demoralized losses in their trading accounts and diarrhea from eating too much Chipotle.

Get some sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is a big day.  If we open up with another gap down I may have to pull double duty.  We are fighting for our right to live in luxury.  I will not go quietly into the Ramp.

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  1. it is showtime

    Black swan would be correct; but it will be the market itself

    (the agendafolks who have been holding/moving it up are at
    least gearingup for next phase if not justready, or absent that
    conspiracy the string CBs are holding onto the market with is
    getting might-ily thin) 2130s&p wouldnt have held so long imo

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