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How To Bring Millennial Talent To Your Workplace

Older individuals make up most of the current workforce. It can be difficult to understand and relate to a younger generation. To help, I will share with you my how-to guide so you feel prepared to add millennials to your work team.

Don’t Hesitate

Millennials are living in a fast-paced world, and their job is no different. Studies show that millennials are getting more and more job offers, so they have earned the right to be picky about the job they want. In other words, if you are considering hiring a well-qualified millennial, don’t wait to make the offer. They are likely to be receiving other offers!

Go Green

The average millennial cares more about the environment than the average member of previous generations. If you show that you are doing your part to conserve the beautiful Earth, then it is more likely that Millennials will consider your company. You need to keep up-to-date on Green energy and do your best to include environmentally beneficial practices in your business. Having a smaller carbon footprint feels good, and it helps to create a great culture.


Utilize their Recruiting Talent

Theories on how to find employees can vary, but millennials are great at recruiting each other. They like to work with their friends. Some companies are able to find great talent simply by telling their current employees that they need a new hire. The average millennial is very connected with former schoolmates, colleagues, and friends. Through all of these connections, you might find your next great employee.

Additionally, once you have a few millennials in the workplace, other millennials will feel more comfortable working with your company because they will not be alone!


Understand Them

Millennials don’t typically act the same in the workplace as Gen X’ers or Baby Boomers. They were raised in a different way, and you need to understand their differences. They aren’t aliens though. Treat them like humans and try to understand what they bring to the table.

Millennials, like any other generation, have expectations of their employer. The first thing a lot of millennials look for is the opportunity to keep learning. A lot of millennials are fresh out of school and have the desire and drive to keep learning. So, if you are looking to hire millennials, make sure that you have plenty of options for them to expand their knowledge! This will also help your company in the long run. They will be able to bring their new-found knowledge back and share it with the other employees.

Since many are new graduates, a lot of them have student loans hovering over their heads. If you offer loan repayment programs, this can be a very attractive feature of your company that sets you apart from the rest. Keep this in mind if you are specifically looking to hire individuals from the millennial age group.

While you do not have to incorporate all of the ideas into your personal guide for hiring millennials, incorporating one or more is a great way to get millennials interested in your company! You may also find that your other employees like these structural changes and you will have an excited group of people on your hands that are ready to work and be productive!

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