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How to Build Wealth on a Firm Foundation

There are many ways to increase your investment portfolio, but there are two rules you must follow when you set out on your mission to make more money. First, you must determined to have a balanced portfolio to ward off any dips. Second, you must not ever, ever panic.


Most experts say people make terrible mistakes when they panic during a drop. They sell assets low only to give themselves a facepalm when their former stocks dramatically rise later. Building a portfolio takes time, most of it waiting, and you need to be prepared to let your assets simmer over a decade or two to truly build wealth.


Conservative Choices for Older Investors

Beyond that, there are some things you can do to increase your wealth and protect your assets. Most experts state you can take on more risk with aggressive stocks when you are younger. The older you are the more you should look to conservative investments like bonds or treasury notes. They offer less in return, but are safe.


There is a lot of talk about gold, silver and other precious metals. A diversification into precious metals could be helpful to offset any loss in stocks over the years. Gold goes the opposite direction of stocks because of its inverted relationship with inflation. If stocks are down, gold prices surge. Be aware that gold will more than double, possibly even triple, but it takes 20 years to get the most value out of it.


Blue chip stocks, those companies that have been around and are sure winners, are always good to include in your portfolio. They usually have strong growth and carry little risk.


Aggressive Investment Choices

Cryptocurrency is the center of a lot of talk because of Bitcoin’s sudden value rise and drop over the past year, but most experts remain wary of investing in the online currency. There are at least 20 different cryptocurrencies to choose from and all have their different advantages. Bitcoin is the most well known, but some of the lesser known currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin deserve some notice. Around 43 percent of those who are into cryptocurrency say the future is in Ripple.


Some of the largest growth is coming in new technology like artificial intelligence, according to stock experts. A fund including new tech like blockchains or a GPU database could net big money as the technology grows. Blockchains, which are the tech behind cryptocurrency, are considered by some to be a smarter choice than cryptocurrency itself. GPU databases are showing they offer more functionality than in gaming and should see expansion into other sectors, like the financial or industries wanting to effectively supercharge their databases.


Those watching the stock market advice real, serious money will be made by investing in the back-end tech behind new inventions like self-driving cars, virtual medical exams, and water filtration systems. These are all smaller, unknown companies at the moment, but are the ones that make new inventions function.


The Past is Made New Again

There could also be significant growth in sectors that were once U.S. industry leaders, but died off in the global market. President Donald Trump’s deregulation efforts, tariffs and one-on-one agreements will have a significant impact on industries like steel, automotive, and coal. Coal companies are reopening in the Blue Ridge Mountains and steel companies are seeing profit sharing stocks rise. One company saw a 13 percent profit sharing increase since Nov. 8, when Trump was elected. Part of confidence stems out of the promise of protective tariffs and part from dramatic infrastructure improvements.


Investing is a smart decision as long as you make it an informed decision. Brokerages have investment funds of solid choices which do the research for you and that is helpful to new investors. In the end, you will find having any kind of investment portfolio is better than not having one at all.

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