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Tips For Creating A Better Workplace For Your Employees

We all know that happy employees are productive employees, but it may not be as well known that little changes to the work environment can go a long way toward boosting morale. Before you fret over making big changes to your department’s infrastructure, try changing the environment first. You may see a marked improvement in efficiency and productivity.


Stop and Listen

Is the workplace a noisy area? If so, that may be a part of the problem. While some noises are unavoidable, such as the clickety-clack of keyboards or the soft drone of the copier, there are ways to limit how far those sounds travel. Creating barriers with privacy dividers can make individual workspaces quieter. You might also consider moving the noisier office machines to another part of the office, where they will be less of a nuisance.


Bring in Specialized Professionals

The workplace can be very frustrating, when employees are expected to take on roles for which they really aren’t best suited. This doesn’t mean hiring new employees outright. You can minimize expenses, for instance, by contacting a reliable IT staffing agency to fulfill your tech support needs. Additionally, keep in mind that mental health affects job performance, so you might consider hiring a safety specialist, offering low-cost wellness programs, or offering courses on coping with mental disabilities. By instituting these changes, you can show your employees that you care about their mental wellbeing.


Maximize Natural Lighting

Sure, your office is probably well-lit. However, if the light primarily comes from artificial sources, it could actually be inhibiting productivity. Northwestern University conducted a study on the benefits of natural light in the work environment. They found that employees who worked with windows nearby had access to 173% more sunlight. As a result, those workers were able to get an extra 46 minutes of sleep each night, helping them to feel more rested and more energetic in the morning.


Help Employees to Feel Included

By maintaining an open door policy and encouraging staff members to contact you with concerns or input, they will feel much more involved in the organization. This can help them feel valued in their position, which will boost morale. To facilitate this atmosphere, it’s a good idea to keep the door to your office open as a symbol of the policy. Employees will feel more welcome to share their thoughts with you, if they can see that your door is open to them.


Provide Recreational Areas

Sometimes, your employees will need to blow off a little steam. By providing an area for them to do that, they can expend that pent up energy and come back to work feeling energized and productive. Some physical activity can also help chase away the mid-afternoon doldrums and help employees recover from that sluggish feeling. This can be especially helpful for employees who are seated at a desk all day. Something as simple as a ping pong table or dart board might do the trick.


Offer Free Lunches

Once a week, try to treat your employees to lunch. It doesn’t have to be an expensive catered event. Even sub sandwiches or pizza for the whole staff can go a long way toward showing them that you value their work. If you can arrange for everyone to eat together, this will maximize the positive feelings. It will give everyone a chance to talk and bond, creating an overall better workplace environment. This can also be a good opportunity for you to show company news, acknowledge outstanding employees, or get to know your staff a little better.

By making a few minor changes, you can create a more positive working experience for your employees. As they begin to feel more valued and freer to share their thoughts, they will be more eager to perform well. Creating a positive environment can help you to maximize performance, which will be good for the overall growth of the business.

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