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Where to place CTA’s in a blog post without appearing spammy

call to action

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the call to the action part of a funnel. It is the difference between a failed initiative and a successful business.

If we think about it, a call to action has the same nature as an ordinary sale. Whether there is money involved or not, one thing both have in common is following this question: Is it worth it?



Making people follow your instructions is not an event, but a process of gaining credibility and value. Throughout the presentation of your product, the client has an emotional balance that controls his or her decisions.

It works like following a formula. When the balance is not put well, it is hard not wanting to move forward. In specific, pain and value are the factors of that balance.

As you may know, people are too busy to even paying attention to us. Because of this, we need to understand who is our ideal customer, make sure our offer is relevant and present it awaking a sense of urgency.



Not everybody is prepared for a call-to-action. What’s more, we don’t want to attract all the visitors; making the right customer paying attention is just as important as leaving unrelated people behind.

This polarization makes related clients feel more identified with the brand while avoiding losing our time with people who weren’t meant to know about us.

Having said that, we can use a lot of copywriting and visibility tactics to catch eyeballs. Now, if you followed this step correctly, you already know what their needs are. It will be simple to present the service in a way that it’s relevant for them.

After getting them excited and educated about the brand, the call-to-action comes into play. A few facts to know is that people’s emotions control the purchase. In fact, most of them are based on avoiding pain.



If I told you I have a great money opportunity, you would probably ignore me just as thousands of similar offers. However, if I warned you someone is stealing your money indirectly, I would instantly have your attention.

Since people’s minds focus on avoiding suffering, an effective call-to-action should make them visualize the pros of buying as well as the cons of not taking action.

Great marketers have a habit of having customers imagining how terrifying their lives will be without their service. In addition, pain is not only magnified by the downside.

The sense of urgency not only increases that pain but also helps them make up their minds faster. By doing this, prospects have to include the act of losing the opportunity.

Go to any competitive service on Google, enter any funnel or course advertisement. Sellers are using these techniques. They work. Our intention is showing the purchase option as a solution while not doing it as a problem.



In short, expert marketers focus on presenting the product in an appealing way. Sometimes it is impossible to say no to their proposals, which is the reason why they are so successful.

It is all about understanding customers and having experience and knowledge about the product. The best ones are those with the ability to identify problems to solve before customers do.

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