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How to control incident problems at a tech startup

The world we live in is modern, and being in a modern time pleasurable. Technology is becoming more reliable and always evolving to make life easier. When using the internet can be tricky due to the fact that it’s not truly safe to use. When there is a cyber attack that occurred, private information will be breached. There are several ways to help control it so it won’t lead to a crisis.


Incident Response

When a tech company is established, the company will have a security team. In that security team, there will be few members in that team that will be specializing in handling any potential cyber attack – this is called Incident Response. If there is an attack happening, it needs to immediately be resolved so it won’t escalate to a bigger issue. Collapse systems, data breaching, viruses, worms, and more threats are examples of possible outcomes if it left untreated. The manager or whomever is in charge of the security team will be the overseer and then the person beneath the position will help and assist. Legal actions can happen, but, it all depends on the severity.


Six phases

Each tech company should have a plan. The first phase is preparation and this when the training begins and the employees will be able to see what is going on. The second phase is identification and this is when where it is coming from or who is causing it. The third phase is containment and this is when not letting it spread anywhere else and able to restrain it. The fourth phase is the eradication and this is when to ask questions and removing the damaged ones away. The fifth phase is the recovery and the un-damage systems can be still use and restore anything that was affected. The sixth phase is lessons learned and this is when not to repeat it again. This plan will definitely help the tech company won’t have a tarnished reputation.



Communication is essential is ant tech company because it will smooth everything out. “But first you need to know who to communicate with, how to reach them, and how to do it with the least friction and fewest resources possible“. Knowing who can talk to will relieve the stress. When the tech company is being alerted that there is a problem, the authoritative positions will be informed. Once every employee knows what is going on, answering any inquiries from the customers can be easy.


The Financial Side

This is when to get important things such as insurance or lawyers. There are ways to help reduce the upfront expense of being prepared while simultaneously reducing the cost. The first important thing is to get cyber insurance early so when it does happen the situation will be covered. When hiring a lawyer, he or she has to be experienced and need to get public relations because the public relations will know how to answer the questions correctly.

Building a tech company from the ground up can be hectic and rewarding. The foundation needs to be solid to run smoothly. Knowingly on how to handle potential downfalls can be a piece of cake.

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