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Workplace Networks Have to be Well Planned

A company in today’s world needs to have some sort of network set up if there are several employees needing access. Managing that network can cause headaches for small companies. There is a reason that networking has specialized troubleshooting certificates. A company needs to know what options they have, especially as there are so many choices. There are several ways to decide, but it all starts out with research and planning. Decide what is needed now, then plan for adding more for growth. With computers, always plan for adding more of everything.


Speed thoughts


There are two main considerations when in the starting phases of setting up a network. A company must decide whether they want the network to be wired or wireless. Wired will give better speed and less lag. Wireless keeps the workplace less cluttered and allows for laptops. This may seem to be a simple decision, but once made there is different hardware to consider. Both of these can be implemented at the same time, as well. A company just needs to decide how their office is going to be set up and the amount of security required.


Network set up


Once the way the computers are connected, the way the network interacts needs to be decided next. It needs to be decided if the internet and network are only for company employees, or if visitors will have some access. Network security needs to be a strong consideration. Corporate espionage, hackers, and similar issues arise all too frequently. The next consideration is whether the employees are monitored. That may not be an issue with a small company, but as a company grows, it may become more important.


Connecting sites


When a company starts growing, it will need to connect the various locations they will have. There is also the growing of the network at the main office. This will need network bridges, such as tap networking, to connect the various parts. Make sure that the security is solid through every part. A network bridge, if done incorrectly, can be ripe for allowing in unwanted visitors. One of the reasons for using something like a tap for the bridge is to provide a little more of the needed security.


Maintaining once set up


Maintaining the network will be the most boring and most necessary part of the network. A company will have to decide whether they will hire a person or bring in an outside contractor. Small companies may go with an outsider, just to save money. Remember that some education can help, if an employee is hired in that is willing to pull double duty. Management needs to understand how to make it work without producing undue stress.


A workplace will need some network connectivity. It will need to be researched at the beginning, because it is an important decision. If the set up is too much for people within the company, there are outside options. Make sure of what is needed before anything is started, though. At no point in the process should someone not be ready for what will be required. That knowledge will save money and time.


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