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Best Gifts For Family And Friends When You Get A Bonus

Who wouldn’t love a big bonus? I definitely would at a job that I’ve been at forever. Bonus’ don’t happen a lot and when you get them it makes you feel like the happiest person in the world. You can buy a lot of things with the bonus, like a new Toyota Camry, Honda, jeep; put a down payment on a new apartment, or maybe you wanna buy your family a gift. Maybe take them on a family vacation, go and pay their mortgage off, it doesn’t matter what you do the fact that they are getting a gift amazes people.


Good Feelings

How exciting would that be if your family bought you a very special gift because of their job bonus? Depending on how much it is and how close you are, then that would depend on what gift that would be, but I am assuming that you have a lot of family then it would nice and small. The first gift idea would have to be a car, a house or an apartment. I say car, house, or an apartment because that’s the first thing people lean toward. Who wouldn’t want their car, house, apartment paid off? They are the necessities of the world, those are the three things that you may need, besides food. Everyone in your family, my family, or all over the world would like their rent paid for the month or a year or two. A car is a nice gift to satisfy someone as well. We all need a way to travel to where we need to travel too. Buses, trains, and taxis get tiring and we need a ride of our own at sometime.



My next option would have to be a shopping day. Everybody loves to shop, and I don’t think anyone would say no to that, if they have the opportunity. I think the shopping day would be great since you can have a budget,(set your budget)the person can get whatever they want, and you can walk away and say that you did something for your family, and still feel good about it. You can go to any shopping mall you want and have them pick out things that they want or need. I would definitely pick this idea after I get my bonus so that everyone can go and get something.


Check Em

My last option would be to write them off something. (Now I don’t know how much I would write them off, but it would be a certain amount) It depends how big my check was but if I was to receive a check for a bonus and the check was thousands and thousands then I would write family and close friends off as well. It would be a gift from them to me. I would genuinely would gift them with a smile on my face. There are many gifts that I would give them if I had the chance, those are the chosen three for myself.

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