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Creative Ideas for First Dates

Everybody wants to be with that somebody. Somebody to enjoy life with. Somebody to laugh with. And sometimes one person just happens to find another kindred soul amongst the millions of people in the world. But it all starts with the first date. The first date is where the kindling of a lasting relationship begins. Living in Utah may not be as grand as living in California or New York where every other romance movie takes place, but there are tons of ways to spend that first date. Some fun things to do in Utah include exploring nature, brushing up on a little history or even enjoy the simpler things in life.


Living in the Moment

Utah is well known for its national parks and canyons. Some of the more well-known parks that come to mind are Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Moab, and Arches National Park. There is nothing quite like going out to one of the parks and taking in the wonders of nature’s design. Nothing could be better, aside from experiencing it with a special someone, that is. Typically, admission for one of these incredible national parks is approximately thirty dollars per vehicle for up to one week. It’s a small price to pay for a memorable first date.


For someone that might be intimidated by the grandness of the canyons and large natural structures, a smaller garden would still make a memorable first date. The Red Hills Desert Garden is an example of a simple yet breathtaking garden to relax and enjoy nature in. This garden in particular has a variety of cacti, flowers, and rock formations to keep each visitor’s eyes wandering and the mind relaxed. The Red Butte Garden also is a popular destination due to its subsections of gardens so each guest can experience a taste of something a little different throughout the garden.


Looking Forward by Glancing Back

Another great aspect of Utah is the historical value of the state. While visiting museums are educational, they are also a place to get closer to that special someone. The most famous museum in Utah is the Natural History Museum of Utah. This museum has permanent exhibits ranging from the ancient environments of Utah to the wildly colored collection of gems and minerals. There is even a multiplayer game to create a healthier and more sustainable Utah. The museum also has special exhibits that change depending on the season, making this destination great for first dates and dates to follow.


For those who don’t like the open spaces of larger museums, a smaller historic site might be the better way to go. Bluff Fort Historic Site is a perfect example of experiencing history without it on every sort of display known to man. These types of locations are great for walking around as if one were actually transported back in time and seeing things through the ancestors’ eyes. The admission at Fort Bluff is free and the guides are knowledgeable about every part of the site.


Keeping it Simple

There are still ways to experience the awesomeness of Utah without venturing out to a fancy location of beauty or significance. The greatness of Utah can be found in every Utahn’s backyard! For a great first date that isn’t too pricey or out of the way, focus on local events and activities. Maybe there’s an amazing local farmers market with the best food known to man. Is there a local park that has the best spot to lay down a picnic blanket? Perhaps a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood is just enough fun for two. No matter what the activity is, the memories from that first date will last a lifetime.


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