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5 Ways to Be a Respected Boss

Being a good boss comes down to earning the respect of your employees. While leading your team with a fearsome reputation may get you results, being a good leader goes far beyond having employees doing what you want.


The Secret to Respect

To earn respect you have to give it. In order to be the type of boss that is both effective and well thought of, you’ll have to show your employees you’re worthy of their respect. Read on for five tips to earn the respect of your employees.


1. Set Realistic Expectations and Check-in Often

Simply telling employees what is expected of them is the downfall of many an employer. When delegating to employees, be sure to set realistic expectations. Many bosses make use of their version of “tell, show, and do”. With this process, bosses will tell employees what they want, show them how it is done, and watch the employee complete the task in front of them.


Once workers are aware of what is expected of them, they can complete the task to the best of their abilities. Do give your employees space to complete their work, but don’t abandon them. After giving your employees the work, be sure to check in frequently to review their progress.


2. Act Like a Coach

Even as the boss, it is important for you to be a coach to your employees. As a coach, you work to encourage the natural talent you see in your employees as you continue to build and improve on their talent. Assign work based on the talents and growth potential of your employees. As your team develops their strengths, they will grow to see you as a coach, as well as their boss.


3. Respect Everyone

As a respected boss, you need to show that same level of respect for everyone. While it’s easy to get frustrated and lash out at employees when something goes wrong, this will only paint you as an angry boss that has a short temper. With all of the many people that work in an office, it is a guarantee that you won’t always get along with everyone all of the time. Take this into account by acknowledging people for the work they do and respect them on a professional level.


4. Grow Your Team with Strategic Hiring

A well-rounded team that is led by a boss that fosters their growth will always be respected. Encourage your team to sharpen their talents by strategically hiring the best people. Using a feature like jmj phillip executive search will allow you to run in-depth searches to find the most qualified people to add to your team.


As you keep a watchful eye out for new hires, keep in mind that it may be time to let other employees go as well. Part of fostering growth in the workplace is knowing when your best employees have outgrown you. If this is the case, recognize the talents of these workers and wish them well in the new chapter in their life.


5. Don’t Forget Your Humanity

Being the boss doesn’t mean you’re no longer human. Don’t let the power and control of being on top get to your head. By staying in touch with your humanity, you’ll be able to see the same qualities in others and relate to them better. As your employees see that you really do care, they will grow to trust you more.


Being a respected boss comes with time. If you aim to be a leader others respect, you’ll need to work for it. Use these five tips to help you earn the respect of your employees and everyone else that you work alongside.


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