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The Keto Diet – Could it Help Your Kids?

While the effects of the keto diet in both adults and children have been widely studied, there is a common misconception that a keto-friendly way of eating is only for those who are 18 and older. The fact is that the keto diet, when done correctly and under the guidance of a medical professional


It Can Help with Epilepsy

Several highly-regarded studies have shown that a ketogenic diet can help control epilepsy in children that doesn’t normally respond well to traditional medication. In the UK, the Great Ormond Street Hospital, which specializes in treating children, has provided detailed advice on how the keto diet can be used to help children with epilepsy. It’s not just about weight loss; indeed, when used in this context, the keto diet mimics the effects of fasting and reduce the severity of, or eliminate, seizures.


However, it’s absolutely vital to speak to your child’s doctor before introducing the keto diet to your child if they have epilepsy. Your doctor will be able to talk to you about how to do the diet safely and efficiently in coordination with any current medications and treatments you may be using. They may also refer you to a registered dietitian, who can work with you to develop a keto diet that works best for your child.


It Can Help Form Healthier Eating Habits

The nature of the keto diet means that many of the processed, sugar-laden foods that are commonly marketed to children (and their parents) are no longer an option. While children do need more carbs than adults, especially as they approach puberty, you can use the keto diet to introduce your family to healthier eating habits.


Fresh vegetables, unprocessed meat and fish, eggs, and whole-fat dairy are all far better options than processed, sugary cereals that cause spikes in blood sugar levels. You can even include whole foods such as sweet potatoes to account for their growing bodies (and appetites). Creating good dietary habits now for your children will pay off when they are adults; instead of choosing junk, they’ll be far more likely to opt for fresh, whole foods that provide real nourishment, and they’ll be far less likely to develop heart disease, Type II diabetes, and other disorders associated with a typical carb-laden diet.


It Can Help Make Mealtimes Easier

Even with all of the practical health benefits that the keto diet offers, there are other rewards that can’t be denied. Keto diets can make mealtimes easier, as the diet lends itself well to meal planning and prepping. You can even get them involved in the fun! Spending time in the kitchen teaching your children how to cook keto-friendly meals is a great way to bond with them.


Consider spending a Sunday afternoon cooking fresh fish, meats, and vegetables, hard-boiling eggs, and packing lunches for every day of the week. You’ll find it easier to stick to your diet, all while ensuring that your kids eat healthy, both at home and in school. To save even more time, you could also consider a keto meal delivery service. You’ll receive delicious, keto-friendly meals that will be suitable for children and adults alike.


Could Keto Help Your Kids?

Whether you’re trying to get healthier as a family, or you want to ensure that your children form good eating habits for life, it’s been proven that kids can do the keto diet safely and effectively. Make sure to tailor their carb intake to fit their activity levels and their range of growth, speak to their doctor about the meal plans you’re making, and keep on top of meal prepping or having meals delivered, and you’ll soon see the benefits that this diet can offer to your children.


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