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Ways to Become Better at your Job and Get the Promotion You Want

Are you tired of waiting months on end for your job application to be viewed by the employer? The real reason you don’t hear back is that on average, job postings receive more than 200 applications. By process of elimination, roughly four to six people are invited in for an interview, leading to one person receiving an offer. Fortunately, resume writing services can advise you on how to write an engaging cover letter or build an attractive profile on LinkedIn. A certified resume writer will recognize issues with formatting or signs of keyword stuffing.


Employment Boost works with clients to help them get hired by writing top-notch resumes that are guaranteed to reach the top 1% of the ATS system from human resources. Employment Boost offers only the highest quality resume writers, all certified professionals, with Bachelor’s degrees from top colleges, to make your job hunting easier. Their in-house team is situated exclusively in the US so there is no outsourcing to overseas freelancers just to cut corners in case you’re concerned about who is viewing your personal information and your past work experience.


Introducing Employment Boost’s Outplacement Services

On top of that, their resume writers have years of experience recruiting for agencies, interviewing qualified candidates, and advertising job openings, therefore, they know what goes on in the resume screening process. For evidence of their success at placing people in all kinds of careers, just read about the company’s case studies. Employment Boost’s main goal is to assist job seekers using the most up-to-date career services available. They emphasize the importance of moving up the corporate ladder, thereby creating high-impact resumes, allowing individuals to find their dream job in no time at all.


Since the job market continues to be unstable, it’s necessary to understand how different hiring managers make decisions as to who should be invited on board, including whether the candidate has the right skills to keep the business cycle running or not. Other services they cover include but are not limited to, global executive searches, national recruiting, human capital consulting, and even research the backgrounds of job seekers, such as their ethnicity and age. Employment Boost gives you access to professionals who understand the skills most in-demand in each industry, followed by how you can present your accomplishments in an eye-catching manner.


Instead of listing your past employment dates and responsibilities, you should only focus on the skills relevant to the position you’re applying to. And that’s where Employment Boost lends a hand, using their resume database, which contains thousands of possible resumes to compare with yours. For more information on their pricing, visit https://employmentboost.com/outplacement-service-costs-and-pricing/. This page lists all the services each outplacement package covers. You could sign up for interview coaching or learn how to write a Thank You letter.


What to Expect from their Core Packages

It has everything you need to secure your job hunt. The Executive Core provides transitional support and career planning, not to mention weekly coaching that lasts up to 3 months. If you need one-on-one consultation, Employment Boost will arrange your meeting with a coach. As for updating your LinkedIn profile, they’ll guide you through how to fill out each section to make you more noticeable to employers. You no longer have to worry about your resume slipping past the ATS system, once you understand how SEO rankings are determined.


The real question becomes: When is it a good idea to use a resume writing service? You certainly don’t want to get passed over for a specialist position in robotics engineering or medical diagnostics just because your resume didn’t impress the hiring manager. The format of your resume is equally important as your actual credentials. A quality writing service should consider the specifics of an industry before editing anyone’s resume.

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