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2018 Tech Trends for the Indecisive Investor

If you are an investor who has trouble making decisions, then you need to gain the knowledge that will help you make faster and better decisions. It is crucial that you have the right info and keep your eye on tech trends if you want to profit from the market instead of losing your hard earned money and missing out on major opportunities. Here are 2018 tech trends to watch out for:



The web is always changing and it continues to affect the investment world in many ways. Web technology allows investors to see stock prices faster than ever before. If you aren’t leveraging the web, and instead relying on print newspapers, you could be falling behind in your investment strategy.


Additionally, the recent years have seen the business model of many companies move from having large amounts of data in one piece of software that had to be loaded directly onto a device and instead moving into the cloud. All this means is that more and more businesses are solely online, making them scalable and incredibly profitable investments since the costs go down while the reach goes up.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is all about using past data to make decisions about future possibilities. In the past this was more difficult. But today, the technology investor can enjoy the large store of data and evaluations being run on them to see what could be a better investment. Keep an eye out for companies that use predictive analytics in areas related to customers. For instance, predictive analytics marketing could help companies navigate the market in a way that focuses on customers that are likely to convert to the best assets for a company long term.



The rise of Bitcoin has recently taken the world by storm. This has put cryptocurrencies on the map. And it isn’t just Bitcoin’s massive growth that has the market hungry for big returns. The blockchain technology underneath the currency has major banks interested left and right. It’s a sign that investors in technology may soon have more opportunities to invest in something that has scale, reach, and low costs for financial transactions.



Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt seen and heard about the AI revolution coming. With so much ability to automate every day activities, AI is going to be a large investment strategy for investors.’


AI affects machine learning, such as software getting smarter every time it performs a given function. It is reaching over into self driving cars now too, with many cities now testing out these vehicles on the public roads. If you see a stock involved with this technology, it might be time to jump on board.



It’s hard to imagine a tech sector more poised for growth than biotech. People will always want and need better ways to live longer and with higher quality outcomes. The microchips and blood testing methods that are being invented are making investors excited about growth to come. But you should do your research beforehand. Some companies, like Theranos, are only scams after you get past the surface level. Make sure you validate claims for hot companies.



MIT is known for their robotics team, which helped make the modern day drone model popular. If you would have invested in that technology before it got hot, you would have received a nice payday. Don’t hesitate to search for the next big robot stock.


When it comes to investing in 2018, the technology is poised for rapid growth. However, you need to have the right tools and strategies in place to profit from it. It is crucial that you understand what trends are going up and which are going down. Having a better understanding of the trends above will make you a more decisive investor so you can have a level of peace of mind while watching your nest egg grow safely.

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