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How a Smart Thermostat Can Save Your Energy Bill

Smart home technology is more popular than ever right now, and buyers are looking for smart homes before they look for anything else. The idea of keeping your home safer and more secure with the help of smart home technology is so appealing to so many, and the idea of being able to save money on your energy bill using a wifi thermostat is one of the biggest trends in the housing market. Before you go purchase a smart home thermostat with which to equip your home, you should get to know how it saves you money. It’s a simple process, but understanding how it affects your life is imperative.


Smart Thermostats Monitor Your Habits


Saving money comes after a device of this nature learns to read your habits and adjust your thermostat accordingly. The purpose of a smart home thermostat is to get to know you. It keeps track of when you’re home based on movement and even the app you use on your phone to control the thermostat from the couch, the office, or even while you’re across the world on vacation.


Noting your habits allows the smart thermostat to adjust the air accordingly without your help. For example, if you the air turned up to 78 during the day when you’re not home but you like it at 72 when you come home, the device will learn to make these changes for you based on your habits. It gets to know you, your family, and your favorite way to heat and cool your home.


You Control Your Mistakes


You’re headed out to spend a week on the beach leaving your home behind for the time being. You know you’re not going to be home to need the air on, so you make a mental note to turn it off. Your flight leaves at 6 am, which means you need to be at the airport at 4 in the morning. When you wake up and grab the family, get ready, and pack up the car to head to the airport, you forget to turn the air off.


The big problem here is you like to keep your house very cold at night. You turn the air down to 71 at night, and it’s currently 90 degrees plus each day during summer. Your typical morning routine consists of turning the thermostat up to 78 when you leave in the morning so the house stays comfortable during the day without running the air constantly.


Forgetting to change the thermostat means you are gone for a week with your air running continuously keeping your house at 71 degrees while fighting 90-degree temps outside. Your electric bill is going to be outrageous. This is how your smart thermostat helps. If you forget to turn the air up or off, you can control it from an app on your phone, which means you can save yourself a lot of money as well as some serious wear on your HVAC system.


Smart home thermostats get to know you, but they also allow you to control them from far away. Now a rushed morning and a low setting mean nothing once you remember and readjust the air from your app. It’s easier to control it when you’re not home, and it even means you can turn it off during the day and reset it for a cool temp just before you head home for a nice, cool home.


If you’re considering a smart home thermostat, it’s a great investment. Not only does it save you money on your utility bill by eliminating wasted air, it also helps the value of your home. Millennials love technology, and smart home devices make houses more appealing.


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