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The History of The Vaporizer: And Why It Will Be a $47 Billion Industry by 2025

Marijuana is popular and dates back to 2727 BC during the reign of the Sheng Nung Dynasty. Cannabis was also used extensively in other places such as Middle East, North Africa, and Europe for various reasons including recreation, medicine and health reasons. The use of cannabis continues to spread across the globe and so has the use of vaporizers, an invention that can be attributed to marijuana use.


The Egyptian Version

While today vaping is a massive industry, it would be worth knowing the origins of the vaporizers because they are here to stay. Modern vaporizers have not yet taken even a century in existence, but in the olden days, they existed in other forms, slowly undergoing their evolution into the classy, modern-day apparatuses we see today. The earliest predecessors of the modern vaporizers can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Unlike today’s vaporizers, the older ones were not battery-powered. However, they were equally innovative. The Egyptians would put seeds on a bed of heated stones, and once the burning kernels were producing fumes, they would inhale the fumes. While this method was effective for achieving the much-desired high back then, it is rudimentary in today’s context.



The evolution of vaporizers continued, and the hookah came in. This is a more recognizable form of the vaporizer that has its roots in India, Asia, approximately 1, 000 years back. The hookah was majorly used in smoking hashish and flavored tobacco. Hashish is a component of the cannabis plant and gained popularity in the Middle East and Asia with the use of hookahs. The hookah culture spread to Turkey approximately 500 years later and became popular among the wealthy. Soon hookahs moved beyond the use hash and tobacco and made its way into opium dens. Opium became popular in first world countries such as the British Isles and the United States.


Modern Vaporizers

The modern vaporizer made its debut in 1993 as an invention of Eagle Bill Amato, an entrepreneur, and inventor. Deciding to capitalize on the idea, he is the creator of the Shake and Vape and the father of the modern-day vaporizer. Bill was also a big proponent of using marijuana for medical purposes, and this was the best intake method in his view. His vaporizers were made of glass and were much like the traditional glass weed pipes. In 1994, he introduced the vaporizer to the public during the Cannabis Cup, and it instantly became a hit.


This vaporizer was physically big, almost barrel sized and on it were two mounted glass tubes. To use it, the person would place the herb in one of the glass tubes and use a heater to heat it. The steam would then penetrate the herbs and produce vapor which was inhaled through the other tube. The next vaporizer by Bill, was, however, more simplistic in design. For starters, it was smaller and was designed for mass production. The vaporizer business began to boom in the 2000s as they became more advanced. This is what was known as the Shake and Vape. It is a ball glass tube with an opening at the top. The herbs were dropped in the ball, and it was heated using a lighter. Bill, therefore, popularized vaporization.


Later versions of the vaporizer included the BC Vaporizer. This improved version was powered by electricity, and it generated vapor when the herbs came into contact the heated metal plate. This device was especially more popular in Europe and North America. The most popular and revolutionary vaporizer yet was the Volcano, which came into the market in 2000. This is not only the most common but also the most demanded vaporizer in the market today. Almost 20 years after its entry into the market, no company can produce an innovation better than the Storz & Bickel’s volcano. Being a desktop vaporizer, it inspired the production of many other brands including Magic Flight Launch Box (2010) and the Arizer Solo, (2011).


The modern vaporizers made work easy as they make the vapor, and the user inhales it to achieve the ultimate high and just like an electronic cannot function without charge, the vaporizer cannot operate without a vape atomizer. Atomizers come in many forms including RDAs, TRDAs, sub-ohm tanks and tank atomizers. Whichever brand you may choose to use, the vaping experience is surely one worth exploring


The Global E Vape market reports point out that while disposable e-cigarettes led the market until 2015, rechargeable e-cigs, followed by vaporizers and mods have taken the top market positions in terms of top revenue generation. And while the U.S. market is expected to continue dominating the forecasted period, China is predicted to grow at the fastest till 2025.

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