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How to Make Your Home’s Finishes Last Longer


Nowadays, there are so many products, materials, and styles to satisfy your desire to have a unique and appealing appearance of your home’s feel and décor. There are also numerous reasons to put some extra effort to make your decorations and furniture last longer. This will save you money, as well as enable you to keep your favorite items for a long time. Next is a look at some of the ways you can do it.


Clothes and Linen

You can give your clothes and linen enhanced longevity by using a few tricks like washing in cold water. Besides, you should not machine-dry delicate clothes, and when shopping for attire, go for darker colors that can camouflage stains.



You can make your wood look lovely, and at the same time last longer by using finish restoring products. Also, you could opt for a heavy-duty clear finish like polyurethane. To enhance the appearance of the cushions on your sofas, slipcover them to improve their durability and improve their looks. If you have a leather sofa, it is wise to clean it regularly and use quality conditioning solution while buffing it to prevent the material from cracking prematurely. You could also use this trick on any other leather items, including, car seats. Also, consider keeping leather upholstery away from the sun to make them live longer. It is possible to extend the life of your mattress by flipping and turning it every three months. If it is a replacement, make sure you install it correctly in its box to improve its longevity.


Making Your Flooring Last Longer

To keep out mildew and mold from tiles, spray a solution of vinegar and water often and use grout cleaning products to keep the fungi from your bathroom. If you have wooden flooring, keep sand and debris away to avoid scratching the surface. You should also place felt pads at the bottom of chairs so that they don’t damage your floor when they get dragged. Most importantly, make certain you know what kind of finish your floor has before polishing or waxing its surface. This is because some finishes can be damaged by different types of products. If you happen to have carpeting installed, use a natural carpet cleaner as opposed to synthetic alternatives or vacuum cleaners. Most electronic cleaners use excessive force to pull out the dirt from the carpets and sometimes this power could pull out threads, and end up destroying them.


Walls and Windows

Color preferences and tastes tend to change; however, if you choose hues that are appealing, the chances are that you will appreciate them for a longer time. Shades that portray high energy are fun, but people get tired of them quickly. Paint colors may look lighter on a swatch than they will on your walls, so consider staining a patch on your home’s interiors. If you like the basic color, but it turns out to be too much saturated, try weakening it with about fifty percent of white.

It is more likely that you will not regret adding more natural light to your space by enlarging its windows. However, you will need to control the temperature changes that come with large openings. You can use window coverings to manage the amount of heat that comes during summer and to prevent it from escaping during winter. Also, ensure that your supply vents are placed correctly close to your windows for enhanced climate control.



By choosing longer lasting finishes and items, you will not only save money in the long run but also enjoy your space for many years. This is, especially true when you buy high-quality materials and products because they have the ability to resist wear and tear. Besides, when you care for your items properly, they will maintain their looks for long.

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