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The Growing Vaping Industry and What the FDA is Doing to Stop Its Growth

The newly expanding vaping industry is apparently under the microscope of the federal government, largely due to massive activity on K Street in the District of Columbia. Big tobacco has long had a major grip on the United States Congress via the smokescreen bribery process of campaign contributions to legislators they need in their corner to pass laws that help them maintain a monopoly on the smoking industry. While many people may think that big tobacco lobbyists are focused on the competition being provided by the legalization of marijuana, the real threat they see to enhancing corporate bottom lines is the growing popularity of vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco as a method of ingesting nicotine into the body. Just when they thought they one competitor under control, here comes a viable alternative to their products that are proven to kill people via nicotine addiction. The result for the big tobacco lobby is that the Federal Drug Administration has stepped in with a major initiative designed to kill the vaping industry by heavy handed policies that could very well serve zero purpose other than protecting the “Big Tobacco” industry.

New FDA Policy

The plan by the Federal Drug Administration is to test both the devices used by vapers as well as the liquid concentrations used in smoking. The claim of the federal government is that the testing will be directed at the good of society as a whole, but many other researchers have already found the products to be an excellent alternative to what been a public toxicity and disease problem for decades. It is a known fact that tobacco is directly connected to causing lung cancer as well as a major contributor to heart disease. As with most government interventions, the reasons given by “Big Brother” are more like mandates from “Big Momma Daddy” that are focused on a completely different mission statement from what is perceived. Noble lie theory often abounds when the federal government steps in at the request of a monopoly industry. The focus appears to be the destruction of the small independent local stores that also frequently modify the ingredients of certain flavors to develop new vaping liquids that local customers prefer, as the new policy will require every single modified liquid to be submitted and approved by the federal agency, overwhelming small operators with behemoth expense.

Vaping Industry Files Suit

The vaping entrepreneurs have long understood their competitors would retaliate against their product development and have organized as well, but they do not quite have the financial backing of the tobacco lobby. The result has been the filing of a lawsuit against the FDA that focuses on all of the conditions of the new policy that are counter to the agency claims and constitutionality of the move. The measures could prove to be a huge overreach of governmental power being driven by K Street competitors of the vaping industry. In addition to the issues the government claims to need investigation, other private sector groups have conducted prior studies and find that e cig alternatives have helped immensely in the reduction of nicotine use among those changing over, with many users actually completely stopping smoking altogether, all to the dismay of the tobacco industry.

It is important for everyone to understand that vaping liquids are considerably different from tobacco products, as no tobacco or other harmful chemicals such as tar are included in the manufacturing process. The introduction of vaping in 2007 has shown that it is actually a much healthier option to use of known harmful tobacco products that are already heavily regulated. The policy that requires small businesses that produce altered e cig juice for vaping to be tested individually means that if big tobacco decides to get into the market, which they have already shown desire, the only products that will be allowed are the ones they encourage the government to approve. And of course, those could well only include the products of big tobacco, regardless of the results for other products that actually prove them as an effective deterrent to smoking addiction.


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