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College Football Playoffs Have Mixed Results

Ever since the NCAA decided to add a playoff system to college football in 2014, there has been countless debate as to whether the new system is working. In some ways, the new playoff format is an unprecedented success. It allows two additional teams a chance at championship immortality.

On the other hand, some dislike the new committee that has such a large hand in determining the playoff participants. Here are some of the pros and cons of the new college football playoff system.

Great For the Fans

Nobody can deny that a college football playoff is a great idea from a fan perspective. The new system has turned games such as the Rose Bowl and Cotton Bowlinto must watch television. While these games have always held a special place in the hearts of college football fans from a nostalgic point of view, they have never been proving grounds in which the victor earns a trip to the national championship game. At least not until now.

Turning nostalgic bowl games into something much bigger is a win win for college football and its dedicated legions of die hard fans. The new playoff system definitely provides a solid platform for can’t miss games, which should make fans across the country hungry with anticipation.

Selection Committees

Before the new system’s introduction in 2014, college football had always operated with a ranking system comprising the votes of coaches and writers specializing in the college game. Since that time however, a selection committee comprised of a mash-up of coaches, writers, ex-players, politicians, and athletic directors has decided the fates of top college teams.

Vegas and Fantasy Sports

It’s no secret that people across the country love to gamble on sports, especially when that sport is football. Bonus points if that sport is college football. In recent years, major media outlets such as ESPN have started incorporating information relevant to those in gambling circles. This information ranges from point spreads to daily fantasy statistics. It can be argued that at least some of these changes have been influenced by the popularity of the new system. When compared with NBA odds predictions, college football comes out way ahead.

The playoff has also served as a commercial for daily fantasy players. Sites like FanDuel and DraftKings have tons of tournaments dedicated to playoff weekend each year.With millions of dollars changing hands in these tournaments, the playoff’s impact on the gambling front can definitely be seen and felt.


While the idea of multiple college playoff games on the same day seems enticing, people seemed to have other things to do on New Years Eve this year. The Orange Bowl, the first game of the day featuring Clemson and Oklahoma, received ratings 38.5 percent lower than the previous season’s Rose Bowl. The second game, a clash between Michigan State and Alabama in the Cotton Bowl, resulted in a ratings drop of 36.8 percent.

The previous season’s playoff games were held on New Years Day instead of New Years Eve , which resulted in much higher ratings. The playoff system may have generally been a big step in the right direction for college football, but the selection committee’s decision to feature the games on this date was most definitely not in the best interest of the sport or its fans.

The new playoff format implemented by the NCAA has had a massive impact on college football. It has created a refreshing new wrinkle by giving two extra teams a chance at a nation championship. It has also enhanced NCAA odds betting interest and provided even more excitement to millions of fans.

Unfortunately, a controversial selection committee making controversial decisions has kept the new system from being a slam dunk success. Only time will tell if the new playoff system will endure.

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  1. matt_bear

    i think controversy is actually what makes it a success. College Football is now a never ending debate with no clear answer.

    The playoff should be 8 teams. Each Power 5 conference champ, the top Non-Power 5 school, and 2 wild cards. Simple, direct, case closed. But that doesn’t make for drama.

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