2013 getting ready


Before I post my picks and predictions, lets look back at 2012 picks…

2012 picks

I still have all booze stocks…
casinos have been replaced with ETF: BJK
I have sold out of all tobacco stocks for ethical reasons

If you look at my comments on the same blog please
note that I currently have a full position in CP and
1/2 position in CNR

I have kept both TU and BCE and also have RCI – 3 major Canadian telecoms.

I do not hold any US, Asian or European railways or telecoms…

All positions mentioned above are in my investment ports, which I don’t trade often at all…

Happy trading and Happy Holidays to all,


3 Responses to “2013 getting ready”

  1. What a move by DEO this year. I bot it at $83 and sold WAY too early. I had no idea it would run to $115 and higher. Wowza. Nice to see you post again!

  2. Thanks partner… not really posting much lol don’t want to scare people …as you know my trading port is 100% cash… first time since sometime in 2008 I might add… it could change anytime though, or not lol
    Have a great New Year!

  3. What is your user name on twitter to follow? Thanks!

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